Do I have to pay any other fees besides yours?

Yes, you will have to pay for the Notary and Legalization fees, which may vary between €20 and €150.
Also, you shall pay the postage costs* which could be €5 (Standard Post) or €15-30 (Private courier).
*If you have selected the priority service we will schedule the pickup.

Do I have to be in Spain to apply for my NIE number?

No, the Law foresees the possibility of allowing a third party to act on your behalf by means of a Power of Attorney to get your NIE number.
Therefore, just by notarizing and legalizing a power of attorney we will apply for it. By hiring our services you will save money and time for you won’t need to travel to Spain, get the appointment (which could take even weeks), make the queues, etc.

What would happen if I misplace my NIE Number certificate?

We would just have to proceed to reapply for your NIE number.

Once that I receive my NIE number, can I easily obtain a valid certificate in the future? Or do I have to go through the entire application / justification process again hoping for their approval?

The NIE number is granted to you for life. Generally, you will be requested to give only the number. In the event that you misplace the original certificate, the procedure is the same as applying for the first time (though the number will be always the same).

Is there a difference between EU residents and Non EU residents to get the NIE?

No, all foreigners must issue a NIE number to be able to buy a car, rent a property, study and work among other transactions.