Online NIE

The process to get your NIE online is very easy, you just need to follow each step as explained below:

Fill in the application form

With the information of your passport first complete your personal details in the application form; second, write clearly the reasons to request your NIE; finally, make sure that your address to deliver your NIE is correct.

Select the service

According to your situation and the place where you are located, you may choose between our different services to issue your NIE (3 days or 2 days once we receive your documentation to apply). Go to our fees and service link for more information.

Complete payment

Submit your payment for the selected service. You can choose between Credit Card, Paypal or bank transfer.
If you complete payment through bank transfer, please send us to our email the receipt of payment in order to speed up the process.

Check your email

Check your email to find the Power of Attorney and further instructions related to your situation for notarizing and legalizing the Power of Attorney and the copy of your passport.

Send us by email and post the Power of Attorney (POA) and copy of your passport duly notarized and legalized.**

In order to complete the process take the POA and your passport to your nearest Notary. Once these documents have been signed by you and the notary, you must send them for legalization.
Depending on the country where you are located the legalization process may vary. Go to our legalization process link to know more about it.
**If you are in Spain, ask our staff how we can help you.

Receive your NIE number

Once we receive your documents duly notarized and legalized, we will apply and finally you will receive your NIE at your home or office.